You might be curious as to what is a ‘tweakment. The word is used to describe subtle non-surgical cosmetic procedures. However, don’t be fooled by the quirky name, as these treatments can be highly effective in improving your appearance. Moreover, they can be quickly performed without sacrificing on results.

These non-invasive mini-services promise to fix almost anything from thin lips to hollow cheeks.

As experts on non-surgical treatments we can see that there is a clear growth in the demand for treatments with little to no downtime due to the fact that they can be fitted into your lunch hour. They can definitely make a difference in your appearance in a natural way. A simple procedure done in less than 30 minutes can take years away.

How would we describe a tweakment in a few words? Well, it would have to be:

1. Fast

2. Discreet

3. Can be fitted around your needs

For youthful volume

Fillers are made with hyaluronic acid which you already have in your body, which immediately plumps up fine lines, wrinkles or hollow cheeks. The whole procedure takes minutes, and you will see an immediate improvement. And because the treatment includes an anaesthetic, you will feel no pain. Once your skin settles, the magnificent results will last up to a year.

For voluptuous lips

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t dream about that juicy pout? Only a few have it, while the majority of people fantasize about them. A lip enhancement treatment only lasts a few minutes and it consists in your doctor injecting hyaluronic acid into specific areas of your lips, thus adding volume and creating more shape. Some patients even choose this procedure to create a more defined cupid bow!

For a lifted appearance

As we get older, we start losing some of that youthful plumpness in our cheeks, leading to a gaunt appearance. By filling in your cheekbones, you can get a more lifted look or you can add volume to sunken cheeks. Flat or thin cheeks can be just a thing of the past with this simple and quick treatment.

For eyes who never look tired

The tear trough area can be a challenging aspect of anyone’s face, with many people complaining about the tired look their eyes exhibit. With the help of an injectable, the procedure helps by smoothing the circles under the eyes by filling in deep hollows. You can say goodbye to concealers and showcase that natural beauty without looking as if you haven’t had your beauty sleep in a while.

At Aesthetic Derma Clinic we aim to provide our clients with the best treatments which can treat a variety of conditions. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.