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Tear Troughs

Improve the appearance under the eyes

  1. 1Restores volume and shape
  2. 2Improves the appearance of eye bags
  3. 3Reduces the appearance of dark circles
Procedure time
2-3 days
Duration of results
up to 12 months

Tear trough correction is an instant correction of the hollowness and/or darker areas which develop under their eyes as we age.

The reduction is achieved by injecting dermal fillers over the area of concern, just under the surface of the skin. The appearance under the eyes will considerably improve, leaving a rejuvenated, volumised and more youthful appearance. The dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid fillers, and at the Aesthetic Derma clinic, we aim for subtle, elegant, natural-looking results.

The procedure itself is safe and has little or no downtime (maybe a day or two of mild bruising and swelling) as the skin under the eye area is relatively thin with superficial veins directly under its surface.

Prior to the treatment

A topical anaesthetic will be applied 15-30 minutes prior to treatment to numb the area.

During the Treatment

A series of small injections will be applied under the eye area, and the doctor will massage the area treated to smoothen the product. Our filler products contain an additional local anaesthetic to help minimise any discomfort. During the treatment, and as the results are instant, you will be able to discuss with the doctor if any additional product is required at certain areas.

After the Treatment

You should avoid touching or applying make up for 6 hours to prevent infection. Specific post-procedure care instructions will be given to you on the day of your visit.


The results can be seen immediately and can last up to 12 months. As the dermal filler effect is temporary, adjustments can be made in your future treatments according to your facial characteristics, to help you maintain a natural, elegant look.


Why choose us for your Tear Troughs?

Specialist Doctor: Dr Nikolaidou is an expert in medical and aesthetic dermatology in the UK. We provide an in-depth skin care service that combines your aesthetic appearance with your medical background. This means that we can tailor the latest skin treatments at an affordable price achieving excellent results.

Products: The products used are all FDA approved and tested to be safe. They contain natural and synthetic ingredients that help enhance and protect the skin.

Patient Care and Satisfaction: We take pride in excellent patient care and experience and we will ensure your consultation and treatment are as informative, comfortable and professional as possible. Our doctor will ensure that you are clear and happy with the treatment received.

Clinic Location: We are based at the heart of central London, just a 5-minute walk from Bond Street and Oxford Circus tube stations, right behind John Lewis.



Is this treatment suitable for me?

How long do results last?

How long will the procedure take?


Dermal Fillers

  From price
Filler dissolving/correction (1 hour) £200
Wrinkle correction (30 mins) £200
Nasolabial or marionette lines (30 mins) £250
Tear trough (40 mins) £300
Cheek enhancement (45 mins) £350
Chin enhancement (45 mins) £350
Jawline (45 mins) £350
Hand rejuvenation (30 mins) £400
Cheeks, chin & jawline sculpting (1 hour) £650
Facial sculpting (1 hour) £650

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