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Medical Peel by Dr Zein Obagi

Medical strength range skin care

  1. 1Strengthens and renews
  2. 2Smoother, healthier skin
  3. 3 Safe products, natural ingredients
Procedure time
Duration of results
up to 12 months

Chemical peels are simply a chemical solution applied to the skin. They are designed to give a deeper exfoliation than your average at-home scrub. Chemical peels are the most effective way to treat dyspigmentation, ageing skin and UV damage. At the Aesthetic Derma Clinic, we use our fantastic ZO medical range by Dr Zein Obagi, which works beyond exfoliation and achieves skin stimulation and renewal, giving you the much-wanted skin health and glow. It addresses all skin care concerns, from skin rejuvenation purposes to acne concerns, rosacea, oily skin, scars, pigmentation concerns, and it is perfect for hand rejuvenation.

The ZO range consists of medical strength peels, ideal for treating melasma, sun damage, fine lines, uneven texture, large pores, and dull skin, resulting in a youthful appearance with smooth and glowing skin, achieving the optimal balance within the skin, from inside out. What’s more, a medical peel can enhance and accelerate the results of other ZO therapeutic treatments, making them an excellent complementary treatment to any of the products in the ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical lines.

The ZO medical peels contain high performance, pharmaceutical ingredients such as papain, bromelain enzymes, and glycolic acid, as well as broccoli extract, sunflower seed pol and safflower seed oil. Due to the powerful pharmaceutical nature of the ingredients contained within ZO Medical Peel products, they are only available from approved physicians on a consultation basis.

Prior to the treatment

The skin will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the peel procedure.

During the Treatment

Your doctor will apply a chemical solution to your face that will remove dead cells, balance the skin and allow the skin to renew, with new skin taking its place. During a chemical peel, most people feel a burning sensation that lasts about five to ten minutes, followed by a stinging sensation.

After the Treatment

Redness, stinging, itching, mild swelling, flaking and peeling are all normal signs after a peel and vary per patient. The skin will typically start peeling 2-3 days after you have had the ZO peel treatment, you may peel up to 5 days following the procedure.


Depending upon the type of peel and the condition of your skin, results can last from a couple of months to one year. A course of 3-6 stimulator peels is recommended to improve skin health; these should be repeated every 2-3 weeks alongside your ZO homecare regime. The more specialised peel (3 step stimulation peel) which can address melasma, acne, scar, sun damage and many more conditions should be repeated 2-3 times per year to maintain results.


Why choose us for your Medical Peel by Dr Zein Obagi?

Specialist Doctor: Dr Nikolaidou is an expert in medical and aesthetic dermatology in the UK. We provide an in-depth skin care service that combines your aesthetic appearance with your medical background. This means that we can tailor the latest skin treatments at an affordable price achieving excellent results.

Products: The products used are all FDA approved and tested to be safe. They contain natural and synthetic ingredients that help enhance and protect the skin.

Patient care and satisfaction: We take pride in excellent patient care and experience and we will ensure your consultation and treatments are as informative, comfortable and professional as possible. Our doctor will ensure that you are clear and happy with the treatment received.

Clinic location: We are based at the heart of central London, just a 5-minute walk from Bond street and Oxford circus tube stations, right behind John Lewis.



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ZO Stimulatory Peel

  From price Course of 3 Course of 6
ZO stimulatory peel (30 mins) £90 £200 £350
ZO 3 step stimulation (TCA) peel (30 mins) £300 £ £

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