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ZO medical range by Dr Zein Obagi

Renew and balance

  1. 1Rejuvenates and renews
  2. 2Natural medical products
  3. 3Long lasting results
Procedure time
30 min
Minimal or none
Duration of results
2-3 months

At the Aesthetic Derma Clinic, we offer individualised skin care plans to address specific concerns and skin needs, by using the well known ZO medical products by Dr Zein Obagi, which are truly revolutionary, as they work through changing the structure of your skin from inside out, achieving outstanding results for both aesthetic and medical purposes; including addressing stubborn hyperpigmentation concerns.

ZO Medical is a range of products and treatments for professional use, which are designed to target skin conditions and complaints with more intensive treatments that can be achieved at home. These can be used very effectively alongside ZO Skin Health regimes or as stand-alone treatments.

Due to the powerful pharmaceutical nature of the ingredients contained within ZO Medical skin care products including retinol, plant stem cells and antioxidants, they are only available on prescription following a consultation from an approved physician. The ZO Medical Range allows us to treat: pigmentation disorders, sun damage, acne, rosacea and oily skin. It can also significantly improve the texture of the skin. In addition, the ZO Medical Range is one of the most effective non surgical anti-ageing treatments available.


Why choose us for your ZO medical range by Dr Zein Obagi?

Specialist Doctor: Dr Nikolaidou is an expert in medical and aesthetic dermatology in the UK. We provide an in-depth skin care service that improves your appearance by using your medical background. This means that we can tailor the latest skin treatments achieving excellent results.

Products: All materials used are FDA-approved and tested to be safe. They contain natural and synthetic ingredients that help enhance and protect the skin.

Patient care and satisfaction: We take pride in excellent patient care and experience and we will ensure your consultation and treatments are as informative, comfortable and professional as possible. Our doctor will ensure that you are clear and happy with the treatment received.

Clinic location: We are based at the heart of central London, just a 5-minute walk from Bond Street and Oxford Circus tube stations, right behind John Lewis Oxford Street store.



Can I use the ZO medical range straight away?


Facial by ZO medical

  From price
Facial by ZO medical (30 mins) £45

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ZO medical range by Dr Zein Obagi
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ZO medical range by Dr Zein Obagi
ZO medical range by Dr Zein Obagi