Daily skin routine is an essential step for healthy skin. It is such a common theme for us busy individuals not to take good care of our skin. The reasons are numerous- from a busy lifestyle, selecting products that do not really work, or due to underlying skin conditions, including skin sensitivity, eczema etc. Daily skin care can be such a quick and effective way of maintaining healthy skin, that it can easily become a part of our daily busy schedule for the reasons outlined below:
Skin nutrition is vital for healthy balanced skin: Just like good nutrition is essential for good health, the same analogy is necessary for healthy skin. Only if the skin is given the right nutrients, it will maintain its health and balance. These nutrients need to reach all skin layers and not only the surface, like most of the non-prescription skin products do. If all skin layers are not reached with the right nutrients, we end up with imbalanced, sensitive, dry or oily skin, common skin concerns which can result in medical conditions such as acne, eczema, or rosacea or allergies/hypersensitivities, if the skin imbalance is not promptly addressed.


The skin care products commonly available in supermarkets, beauty salons, shopping stores, etc, even the fancy expensive brands, do not really work. This is due to the fact that they introduce moisture from the outer part of the skin, flooding it with the material, rather than changing the structure of the skin, working from the inner, towards the outer layers.


Affordable medical skin care products that do work, really exist, so why not getting hold of some? Our ZO medical range is fantastic for that purpose and when combined with the right chemical peels that suit your skin, the results can be outstanding, maintaining a balanced, healthy skin from inside out.

No time compromise:

It takes more time to effectively brush and floss your teeth (approx 5min) than washing your face and applying basic skin care products such as toner, moisturiser, even including pore minimiser if necessary! (total time less than 5 minutes). Skin care should not be considered a luxury.  It is the daily step you need to take for a healthy, beautifully glowing skin. Please do not hesitate to contact us for appointments and professional skin care advice.